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01_Entrance Garden_AK_ChodaeChurch.jpg

 Chapel Hall & Entrance yard

02_Entrance Garden_AK_ChodaeChurch.jpg

Entrance yard

05_Entrance Garden_AK_ChodaeChurch.jpg

Chapel Garden

04_Entrance Garden_AK_ChodaeChurch.jpg

Entrance yard & Chapel Bridge

07_Cappella Stair_AK_ChodaeChurch.jpg

Chapel Hall Stair

11_Cappella Bridge_AK_ChodaeChurch.jpg

Chapel Hall 

13_Cappella Robby_AK_ChodaeChurch.jpg

Chapel Hall Robby

14_Cappella Robby_2_AK_ChodaeChurch.jpg

Chapel Hall Robby


Chapel Hall


Shepherd Place


Outdoor Performance Hall

Shepherd Garden

Mission Home


Small Auditorium

Gunwi Chodae Church 군위 초대교회

Project Director : Kichul Lee

Project Team : Younwoo Choi, Sangil Moon, Soan Seo

Design Period : Jan. 2021 – May.2020

Location : Gunwi, Rep.of Korea

Programme : Religious Facilities(Church)

Site Area : 5,426㎡ 

Building Area : 845.81㎡

Gross Floor Area : 1652.21㎡

Building Scope : B1-1F

Height : 5.6m

Structure : Reinforced Concrete

Exterior Finishing : Exposed Concrete

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