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01_Birdseyeview_AK_Unseodong Residence.jpg

Birds-eye view




07_StudyRoom_AK_Unseodong Residence.jpg

family room

08_Room_AK_Unseodong Residence.jpg

children's room

09_attic bedroom_AK_Unseodong Residence.jpg

Attic bedroom

10_Veranda_AK_Unseodong Residence.jpg


13_Concept diagram_AK_Unseodong Residence 복사.jpg

Concept Diagram

11_Concept Model1_AK_Unseodong Residence.jpg
12_Concept Model2_AK_Unseodong Residence.jpg

Concept Model

Unseo-dong Residence 운서동 단독주택

Project Director : Kichul Lee

Project Team : Younwoo Choi, Sangil Moon, Soan Seo

Design Period : Nov. 2021 – Jun.2021

Location : Incheon, Rep.of Korea

Programme : Private Residence

Site Area : 264.7㎡ 

Building Area : 131.84㎡

Gross Floor Area : 225.57㎡

Building Scope : 2F

Height : 9m

Structure : Reinforced Concrete

Exterior Finishing : Exposed Concrete

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